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Mar 18, 8:00 AM
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PUBG battles rules

Battle General Rules

Rules written here are meant to facilitate fair play for all users without having additional issues resolving conflicts. We want everyone to have fun, compete in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and follow the golden rule "treat others the way you want to be treated".

Battle Definition

Battles are competitions in which users compete against each other with their PUBG skills.

Matches and Scoring

The number of matches to be played for each battle may vary. In order for a score to be registered, user must complete at least 1 public match of the correct game mode. Custom lobby matches will not be scored.

Match Score

Match score is calculated with a sum of your kills and your standing. In Duo and Squad mode, only your personal kills will be counted towards your score, however your teams standing will apply.


All users need to have a FirstBlood account in order to register for a battle.

Battle registration time limitations may differ per battle.


Users can play only public matches. Custom Server Mode matches are not allowed for this game mode.

Final Score

For a match to be eligible for a score, the user needs to stay in the game until the end of the match screen and may not leave the match before that screen.

Ex. If a player is still active in a match when a battle period ends, that match will not be counted.

The entire match must conclude before the battle period ends in order to be eligible for a score.

Ex. If a player lost a match during the battle period, but the match ended after the battle period, that match will not be counted.

In Case of a Tie

In cases where 2 or more users have the same score, the following tie-breakers apply in the following order:

  • Amount of total kills
  • Average placement of all recorded matches
  • Amount of total damage dealt throughout all matches
  • Average time survived of all recorded matches
  • Amount of matches recorded (less is better)

Joining PUBG Match

PUBG Matches need to start after the start of the battle in order to be eligible for the battle. The definition of a PUBG match start is the drop from the airplane.

Final Score

Breaking the rules will result in automatic loss, disqualification from the battle, or, in case of cheating a platform, ban for a undefined amount of time.

Any reports of suspicious behavior or cheating should be sent to [email protected].


Any communications, comments, and feedback should be made through Official FirstBlood discord channel or via [email protected].